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What Does Your Logo Say About Your Business | Kaboodle Studios
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What Does Your Logo Say About Your Business

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What Does Your Logo Say About Your Business

Making a good first impression on a new customer is vital, no matter what industry you’re in. The first thing a potential client will see is your logo; you need to inspire your audience into choosing you.

When creating identity for either a start-up company, or doing a re-brand on an existing business, your designer will create your whole brand starting from your logo. Your website, brochure and even business cards should all use the same fonts and colours and hold the same style so that everything flows and is visually coherent.Good-Brand


A dated logo can destroy your chances of gaining business from potential clients. Why? Because your brand is your business. If I’m looking to purchase a product or service from a company, I want to know they are at the top of their game. I would never use a service or product that wasn’t up to date and ‘moving with the times’. There is a strong case for re-branding if you feel this is you. You can pay anywhere from £500 for a minimal re-brand, depending on what you need. But if it increases people’s perception of you and gives you a more professional look and feel, I say its money well spent!

olympics logo

Why does it look dated and unprofessional? Because design evolves and changes over time. At Kaboodle Studios we always make our logo designs timeless. This isn’t as easy as it sounds! We can’t look into the future and see what wonderful design techniques will be around the corner. At Kaboodle we work with businesses to understand their business and therefore creating the right feel and style to match their character. All businesses are different but every logo needs one important thing… future proofing. So how do you get a timeless, professional and inspiring logo? The answer is simplicity. If you think of any worldwide brand such as coca cola, apple or nike, their logos all have the same thing in common… They are simple, unique and as we stated before timeless.

apple logo

I can’t over overemphasise enough at how important it is choosing the right designer. There are many good designers out there, as well as lots of poor ones! Who you choose is pivotal to how your final logo will look, so just remember that sometimes, to make money you need to spend it. View your logo design as an investment in your business and above all else Be Simple, Be Versatile and Be Unique!

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